It is the Spring of 1152…

This is the home page for Spring 1152, a Fort Worth, Texas-based Mouse Guard campaign. Welcome!

Keep an eye on our campaign wiki. I am hoping to update that with some relevant information on setting and NPCs, both in the patrol and out, prior to our patrol departing from Lockhaven. I will also do my best to keep it updated as the adventure progresses, though I will be quite careful not to infringe on either the campaign/player’s guide or the graphic novels.

As you may know, the two graphic novels currently available are centered in Fall of 1152 and Winter of 1152, respectively. This will give us some time to experience the world prior to the events of the novels, and if all goes well, to experience some events of the novels from a different perspective than that presented in those fantastic works.

We will be beginning with a Character Creation Night on which I will lead the group through the Recruitment section of the rulebook, which details the creation process. This will allow us to discuss each option presented in a social setting and develop complementary characters and a unified, commonly-accepted back story. It will also mean that not everyone will need a copy of the book in order to get started!

Be sure to follow our adventure log, which has already been updated with information relevant to the first task our patrol will undertake. The post there (Delivering The Mail) will be updated after the first mission is completed, and new posts will be added for each following mission.

If anyone would like to contact me, send me a message here on Obsidian Portal or beam an e-mail to

- Jeremy

Spring 1152

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