An Instinct is a gut reaction or ingrained training. In certain situations, your character will do this habitually or without thinking.

Acting on your Instinct earns you a Fate Point, the use of which is described on the front of the character sheet in the middle divider.

Example Instincts

“I will always consult the Patrol Leader when trouble arises.”
“I will always draw my sword at the first sign of trouble.”
“If there’s work to be done, I will always offer help.”
“I will never delay when on a mission.”
“I will check the weather early every morning.”
“I will always draw maps of all the new locations that I travel to.”
“I will anticipate what the Patrol Leader needs.”
“I will always create useful things in my spare moments.”
“I will always protect the tenderpaw.”
“I will never trust a rich mouse.”
“I will always defend others in danger.”
“I will always seek revenge.”


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