There are 8 cities or towns in the Territories that may be chosen to be your character’s Hometown. If one of these towns does not suit your character concept, you may create your own Hometown, and thus select your own skill and trait combination. To do this, you will need to describe the town and its inhabitants and justify the skill and trait combination you have chosen.

Here are your choices. Remember, you are allowed one skill choice and one trait choice.


A busy working-class town.
Skills: Carpenter, Potter, Glazier
Traits: Steady Paw


One of the oldest cities and home to one of the two mines in the Territories.
Skills: Smith, Haggler
Traits: Independent


A once prosperous city, known for its medicinal moss.
Skills: Carpenter, Harvester
Traits: Alert


Renowned for its bakers and bread.
Skills: Harvester, Baker
Traits: Hard Worker


Home of the Mouse Guard.
Skills: Weaver, Armorer
Traits: Generous, Guard’s Honor

Port Sumac

A busy little port town between Darkwater and Rustleaf.
Skills: Boatcrafter, Weather Watcher
Traits: Tough, Weather Sense


A simple town known for its delicious drinks.
Skills: Mason, Harvester, Miller
Traits: Open-Minded


Known for its scientists, medicine, and scent concoctions.
Skills: Scientist, Loremouse
Traits: Inquisitive, Rational


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