A Belief is a code or ethical stance. It affects all or most of your actions. Sometimes you will act in accordance with your Belief. In extreme circumstances, you may act against your Belief. Beliefs can be about the Guard, your parents or your upbringing, friends, rivals, a certain piece of history, or a particular moral code. It can be anything, but it should be strong and specific so that you can act on it or against it in certain circumstances. “I believe the Guard is good” is not a very strong or specific belief.

You may change a Belief before or after a session/adventure, but not during it.

Fate Points and Persona Points, the uses of which are described on the front of the character sheet in the middle divider, can be gained by acting on and against your Belief.

Example Beliefs

“A guardmouse needs to be able to think with her head and act with her heart.”
“It’s not what you fight but what you fight for.”
“The best solution is always found at the point of my sword.”
“A guardmouse never gives up, no matter the danger.”
“Reason is the best guide to right action.”
“All possibilities should be explored for the well-being of the Guard.”
“I’ll build a good name for the Mouse Guard.”
“I must embody the true ideals of the Guard.”
“One day I’ll be done with this, but for now, once more into the fray.”
“The place for the Guard is in the wild, not in Lockhaven.”
“Build, do not destroy.”
“I am superior to all other mice in the Territories.”


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