Casey Marsh


Abilities Nature 3 Will 5 Health 4 Resources 6 Circles 6

Skills Fighter 2 Hunter 3 Instructor 3 Persuader 4 Pathfinder 2 Weather Watcher 5 Cartographer 3 Loremouse 3

Traits Rational 1 Early Riser 1 Quick Witted 1 Calm 1

Gear Sword Walking Stick


Age: 58 Rank: Patrol Leader Hometown: Sprucetuck Parents: Logan and Agatha Marsh were two of the Cartographers assigned to help create the maps behind Sprucetuck. Senior Artisan: Leslie Martin, who is a close friend of Casey’s father, was the mouse he chose to study Cartography under during his mouse guard training in Lockhaven. Leslie is a unique map maker. Leslie has traveled throughout all of the mouse territories in hopes of developing the ultimate survival guide. He specializes in not only regular road maps, but maps structured for helping those with unique skills, like weather watching, harvesting, pathfinding, and so on. Guard Mentor: taught pathfinding and how to be a fighter too Casey. Would often criticize Casey’s love for weather watching, saying it was an odd skill, and it would never benefit Casey in the future. Friend: Ashley Smith grew up with Casey in the same town of Sprucetuck. With her clever stubborn ways she has become well known and valued scientist. She still resides in Sprucetuck. She is one mouse who has always told Casey never to give up, and that his Weather Watching best she has ever seen. Rival: Forest Oak and Casey went through mouse guard training around the same time eventually ending up in the same guard patrol it wasn’t until when Casey was trying to convince Gwendolyn of other methods that could be used for weather watching Forest showed his true colors. Forest thinks Weather Watching is not necessarily a hoax, but he believes mice should rely on other skills more. He sabotaged one of Casey’s demonstrations on how Weather Watching could also be determined through the animals around them, and the vibrations in the land. Forest called it a shame claiming that Casey had trained the animals, and the so called vibrations would need to be felt by more than just him for these predictions to be true. Fur Color: Graying, but at one time was a glossy sienna and chocolate colored brown Cloak Color: Royal Blue/Purple

Belief “Create do not destroy.” Casey believes that knowledge will lead the mouse to prosperity, but to disbelieve knowledge is too be jaded.

Instinct “Is to protect his comrades with all his might, he will not allow himself too ever fail again.”

Casey Marsh

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