Freddy Adams (Fearless Freddy)


Nature 3
Will 3
Health 5
Resources 3
Circles 1


Fighter 6
Hunter 3
Survivalist 2
Deceiver 3
Persuader 1
Harvester 2
Brewer 3
Beerwise 1
Grainwise 2


Fearless 1
Open Minded 1


Beer mug, rugged and secure
An empty satchel
Two-day supply of gabcroon
A set of dice
Pens, ink, and a simple notebook filled with beers and recipes


Age: 27
Rank: Guardmouse
Hometown: Shaleburrow
Parents: Sarah and Samuel Adams. Sarah is a brewer who makes a beer called Sam Adams Beer. His Mom named the beer after his Dad who fights in the guard and is well-respected. Freddy hates being compared to his Dad in the guard and hates trying to live up to his Dad’s reputation.
Senior Artisan: Buddy the Brewer makes cheap beer and is a beer-wiser. Hence the name of his beer is the Budwiser Beer.
Guard Mentor: Lenny da Blade, who is in the famous Snake Hunters patrol. The Blade’s specialty is knife fighting.
Friend: Lance Longfellow. Longfellow has a long tail and is very talented at using it to serve beer. It is said he can do very interesting tricks with a mug and a tap. Longfellow is also very knowledgeable about his town and about his beer. Originally, he is from Shaleburrow but moved to Lockhaven to “live in the heart of civilization”. Freddy met Longfellow at his establishment during his tenderfoot years. Longfellow was the type of mouse that really listened. They shared stories of Shaleburrow, brewing beer, and philosophized about life.
Rival: Red Jack Ryan from the Snake Hunters Patrol. Red Jack Ryan is in the Mouse Guard and strives to be one of the most famous Guards of his time. He is an excellent fighter and tactician. He will do whatever it takes to undermine those who get lucky and perform better than him. After Freddy got lucky against a snake after one of his insane reckless assaults, Jack began taunting Freddy, challenging him to a fight in order to prove he was better in battle. Jack Ryan uses a fancy dueling sword.
Fur Color: Grey, with a bit of black on his head.
Cloak Color: Black. Freddy’s mentor was worried if he had a colorful cloak that enemies would be able to easily track and target him in battle. Freddy was always charging headfirst into battle without considering his approach.


“Civilization is essential to all mice.” Freddy believes that without civilization, mice would be without beer. Civilization improves quality of life and therefore must be protected at all costs, even if it means Freddy must die in order to protect it.


“When confronted in a situation that may lead to combat, Freddy charges into battle, full speed ahead, without hesitation.”


“The civilized mouse does not drink beer because he is thirsty, he drinks beer because he has the ability to appreciate its taste.”
“Ahh, beer just tastes better after a near-death experience.”
“If you don’t do as your told by the time I am done drinking this beer, I am going to beat you into submission with my mug.”
“Don’t make me spill my beer.”
“Oh, now you’ve gone and spilled my beer. So, I am gonna have to spill your blood!”

Freddy Adams (Fearless Freddy)

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