Prudence Fern


Nature 6
Will 2
Health 6
Resources 1
Circles 2


Archivist 2
Harvester 4
Healer 4
Persuader 2
Scout 3
Survivalist 2
Weather Watcher 2
Medicine-wise 2


Alert 1
Fearful 1
Young 1


Bow and arrows
Small pouch filled with medicinal herbs
Handful of nuts and berries
Pens, ink, and a cloth-bound journal


Age: 17
Rank: Tenderpaw
Hometown: Elmoss
Parents: Elijah the Scribe (father), Chakra the Harvester (mother)
Senior Artisan: Master Zorin (Harvester)
Guard Mentor: (Played by Liz)
Friend: Lyon, Prudence’s brother, entered apprenticeship with Prudence but was unfortunately and unexpectedly called back home to Elmoss to care for his pregnant wife after complications arose. Lyon instructed Prudence to make him proud as he departed. They have been close friends since birth and continue to this day.
Rival: Mikah, a Patrol Leader in the Mouse Guard. Prudence feels he was at least partly responsible for the death of her fiancee, Finn, a young Guardmouse.
Fur Color: White. She has a brown-colored, heart-shaped mark on her hind haunch.
Cloak Color: None. Tenderpaws do not receive a cloak until promotion.


“I will do everything in my power to honor Finn’s memory and do him proud.”


“Whenever we rest for the evening, I always enjoy archiving the day’s events.”

  • Her fiancee, Finn, was killed in action during service to the Mouse Guard
  • Prudence joined the Mouse Guard to honor Finn, but is fearful of what she may encounter
  • Practices her Healer craft during the winter season
  • Often buys gifts, but usually for herself
  • Generally bad at handling money
  • Saves for Winter whenever possible
  • Usually runs and hides when confronted, but is quick to recover and ready her bow
  • Fears owls, one of the greatest threats to mice
  • Makes friends easily

Prudence Fern

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