Spring 1152

Martin's Heirloom

What lies in Walnutpeck?

Following the successful, if not uneventful, delivery of the mail to Elmoss, Sprucetuck, Dorigift, and Gilpledge, the patrol spends the night resting and recuperating. In the morning, at the request of Martin, a local carpenter from Gilpledge, the patrol will set forth for Walnutpeck, an abandoned ghost town on the wrong side of Scent Border.

Does the patrol simply not know what awaits them in the Darkheather, or is it a desire to improve the name of the Guard and help the local citizenry that drives them into the mouth of danger? Are the stories of the Darkheather wilderness really true? Will Casey lead her charges safely back to Gilpledge, and will her charges do their leader proud?

Stay tuned…



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